BuildingBelow are photos of our staff members and links to email them as well. You may click on the photos to view more information about each staff member.

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Brad Anders

Executive Director

Brad Anders is the Executive Director. He is charged with the overall operation of the 9-1-1 Center.

You can reach him at 865-215-1101


Eric Morrow

IT Manager

Eric Morrow, manages the Knox County 911 computer systems.  Eric has been in the I.T. field for over 8 years.

You can reach him by e-mail or at 865-215-1102


Michael Mays

Records Specialist

Michael Mays is the Records Specialist. Michael maintains public access to 9-1-1 information: such as computer printouts and tape recordings. Some regulations apply to the release of materials, and a nominal fee; as authorized by state law, is charged.  Michael began his career with 9-1-1 in 1997.

Michael may be reached via e-mail, or at 865-215-1105.


Melissa Boone

Standards and Compliance Specialist

Melissa Boone is the Standards and Compliance Specialist at the Knox County Emergency Communications District.  She began her career in public safety in 1989 as a Call Processor for Knox County 9-1-1.  Melissa oversees the employment process and training. Melissa has been an active member of APCO since 1996 and past President of the Tennessee Chapter of APCO.

Melissa may be reached by email or calling 865-215-1112.


Kim White

Administrative Office Manager

Kim White is the Office and Finance Manager. Kim has been an active member of APCO/TNAPCO since 1996.  She was secretary/treasurer for 10 years and the president for 3 years.  She earned the RPL (Registered Public-Safety Leader) certificate. She is also the East Region Representative for TENA.  Kim has been with 9-1-1 since 1993. Contact Kim for verification of employment, billing, and account information.

She can be reached by email, or at 865-215-1104.


Stephanie Pinkston

911 District Secretary

Stephanie Pinkston is the 9-1-1 District secretary.  Stephanie is in charge of scheduling meetings, recording meetings, preparing correspondence, providing minutes for all Board , Finance & Personal meetings.  Stephanie can also point you in the right direction when it comes to contacting the right person in our organization to provide assistance.  Stephanie began her career with 9-1-1 in 2001.

You can e-mail Stephanie, or reach her by phone at 865-215-1108.


Database Specialist

Is responsible for the Knox County geofile database and mapping interfaces with CAD.

You can reach this office by email or 865-215-1103


Bill Witt

Services Manager

Bill Witt is our Services Manager. Bill is responsible for a variety of duties, including the maintenance of our communications systems and facilities.  Bill has been with Knoxville Knox County 9-1-1 Since 1986.  Bill has been an active member of APCO since 2000.

You can reach Bill by e-mail, or at 865-215-1122.


Tonya Cum is the Technology Coordinator. Tonya oversees projects in relation to the public safety systems and is also responsible for coordination with the State of Tennessee in relation to Next Generation 911 technology. She began her career with 9-1-1 in 1995.
Tonya may be reached by email ( or calling 865-215-1107.